Flatpack Wardrobes

At DIY FLAT PACK KITCHENS we manufacture melamine sliding wardrobe doors and interiors.  The doors are constructed using 9mm melamine board in vairety of colours.  You can then choose either white or antique white aluminium frames. 

do it yourself wardrobes

Our robes have a maximum height of 2700mm and a maximum width of 4800mm.  We custom build to your size requirements so your new robes will fit perfectly.  If your ceiling height is more than 2700mm you will need to build a bulkhead to suit. 

The doors have strong wheels which are adjustable up to 40mm.  This allows a bit of tolerance if your floor or ceiling is not level.

  Advantages of our melamine robes

  • Easy installation
  • Won't break the budget
  • Perfect for the DIY home handy-person
  • Customised storage options
  • Doors are pre-assembled
  • Sturdy construction
  • Sleek modern look
  • Can be painted
  • Easy to clean
  • 5 year warranty

We sell the sliding doors and tracks separately with no internals included. 

Our online shop has a range of wardrobe internals such as shelving, hanging rails, drawers and some wardrobe accessories to compliment the storage options of your wardrobe.

Please follow the links below to see our competitive pricing on sliding doors and tracks.

*All robes available up to 2700mm high

2 Door Robes:

1200 to 1800mm wide      1801 to 2400mm wide

3 Door Robes:     

1801 to 2400mm wide      2401 to 3000mm wide     

3001 to 3600mm wide

4 Door Robes:     

2401 to 3000mm wide      3001 to 3600mm wide     

3601 to 4200mm wide      4201 to 4800mm wide

5 Door Robes:     

3001 to 3600mm wide      3601 to 4200mm wide

4201 to 4800mm wide